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Pendant in Rose Capri

Earrings in Rose Capri

Ring in Rose Capri

Pendant in White Capri

Earrings in White Capri

Ring in White Capri

Opulent Shaik Amethyst

Parfum for Women

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Silk Scarf Set 

Woven Silk Cap in Mauve

Woven Silk Cap in Turquoise

Silk Tie Set in Tan

Silk Tie Set in Blue

Silk Tie Set in Mauve

Cufflinks in White Capri

Cufflinks & Tie Pin Set in White Capri

Astro Duo MKI

Quartz Movement

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Cufflinks in Rose Capri

Cufflinks & Tie Pin Set in Rose Capri

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Designer Shaik’s most luxurious celebration of the everlasting bond of perfect love. A captivating gift which will be treasured forever and created to pay homage to those qualities that define the essence of perfect womanhood and masculinity.