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Amber Kroud


This unique fragrance is inspired by the land of deserts and oil, where ancient traditions meet modern innovations. Amber Kroud is a tribute to the richness and diversity of this region, where every drop of perfume is like liquid gold.

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Amber Kroud is a captivating oriental fragrance that blends exotic fruits, flowers and spices with precious woods, amber and musk. The scent opens with a burst of juicy mandarin, peach and apricot, followed by a floral heart of rose, jasmine and orange blossom. The base reveals a warm and sensual harmony of sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, amber and musk, enhanced by a hint of frankincense. The fragrance is complex and sophisticated, yet easy to wear and versatile for any occasion.

Amber Kroud is more than just a perfume. It is an expression of your personality, your style and your passion. It is a statement of elegance, confidence and charisma. It is a gift from nature to you. Try it today and experience the magic of Amber Kroud.