Woojoh Grand Re-opening Internationally recognized for impeccable quality and stunning presentation; Designer Shaik, the Pride of Arabia, proudly announces the launch of the new Astro Duo Astrolabe of Moments in Time. Many enlightened scholars and historians agree that the Garden of Eden was probably located in what is today known as Designer Shaik’s desert kingdom.From the battlements of his Palace of Horology, Designer Shaik can gaze across the sands and see the ancient and enigmatic Tree of Life. He feels a great kinship with his forebears, especially the aristocratic artists and craftsmen who were, five millennia ago, producing works of art with unparalleled skill, imagination and excellence. The beautiful and ingenious watches boast many unique and intriguing features and the intricately detailed patterns on the face are a visual expression of the complexities that lie beneath. This fascinating collection of different movements and sophistication is a luxury timepiece for generations to come.