The Shaika’s Carriage, a mirage, glimpsed from afar, travelling across the desert under the magnificent jewellessence blue of the vast sky, glistens in the hazy heat. This lavish royal train moving slowly into focus is adorned with luxurious creations bestowed on her by the Shaik, her beloved Prince of the desert. A bounty of perfume, silks, leather and precious jewellery, extravagantly hand crafted for his Princess in the making, her beauty entrusted to his passion for creating individual and exquisite gifts.

At the magical hour of sunset, the colour of the desert sky becomes intensified. Blue mellows into pink, reminiscent of the rose petals that give the finest floral notes to the Shaik’s fragrances, aspiring to transform every man into a Prince, and every woman a Princess. As the day melts into night the Shaika’s Carriage comes to rest, billowing Bedouin tents alive with romance and desire. The magical night sky brings a glittering array of starry jewels, like the diamonds that stud the Shaik’s most precious perfume flacons, inspiring the creation of even more beautiful gifts from Designer Shaik Palaces. Treasured gifts the Prince is now sharing with discerning women of elegance and style the world over.

The Opulent Shaik Gold Edition is among the most prestigious; this distinctive fragrance is the epitome of classic sophistication. His exquisite flacons are dipped in 18 karat rose-gold are designed to flaunt. The Opulent Shaik Blue is the very embodiment of elegance and poise, there are up to 150 rare ingredients that have been blended to produce the Shaik’s signature scent. A gift of romance with the power to transcend generations: a timeless tribute to love itself. Eternal and everlasting. Our global refilling and refurbishing service is the only one of its kind in the world.