Many enlightened scholars and historians agree that the Garden of Eden was probably located in, what is today, Designer Shaik’s Desert Kingdom. From the battlements of his Palace of Horology, Designer Shaik can gaze across the sands and see the ancient and enigmatic Tree of Life. The Shaik issues from one of the oldest civilisations in Arabia and the World. His favourite, most inspirational time of day is sunset; an astrolabe more than 1,000 years old can tell him at precisely which minute the sun will sink beneath the western horizon on any given day. 

In the desert Kingdom, beauty is a highly valued commodity. To the inexperienced eye, such a landscape may seem mundane but the Shaik gazed more meticulously and studied its ways. He ventured and found exotic ingredients to formulate the finest fragrances; discovered elements fit to decorate the optimum Arabian fabrics; found gems and precious minerals shimmer beneath the surface of the sands; through time, he acquired experience. Fortuitously, the Shaik’s palaces were born. The sun shines on the weathered walls of these palaces, the Palace of Nature, and The Palace of Horology. His charisma guides the team of artisans who work so diligently to fashion the products that he creates. 

The universe ticks through the cycle of a day with clockwork regularity. The Astrolabe of Moments in Time measures this with extreme accuracy, bringing you the gift of promptness, timekeeping and reliability; qualities that are indispensable to success. But, much more than this, this instrument communicates with you in a silent sign language, which change as the three hands orbit in the circle of the watch face through the cycle of the day.

Internationally recognized for its impeccable quality and stunning presentation, Designer Shaik continues to expand its vision striving towards new horizons, while maintaining a top selling position that continues to grow. Applauded by Royalty, Heads of State, Celebrities and World Media, Designer Shaik has a presence in over 50 countries with more than 800 points of sale, reaching many far flung destinations and transcending all cultures.

The Shaik derives his huge intellectual energy and unflagging creative impetus from this knowledge. He feels a great kinship with his forebears, especially the aristocratic artists and craftsmen who were, five millennia ago, producing works of art with unparalleled skill, imagination and excellence. The beautiful and ingenious watches boast many unique and intriguing features and the intricately detailed patterns on the face are a visual expression of the complexities that lie beneath. This fascinating collection of different movements and sophistication is a luxury timepiece for generations to come.

From manufacturers of luxury mechanical timepieces, Designer Shaik captures a glimpse of our future with these unique crafted concepts. The Shaik’s presence guides the teams of artisans who work so meticulously to fashion the products and architecture that encapsulate all the dramatic and mystical links of the desert.

The Mechanical Monument of Time centrepiece created for luxury exhibitions and hotels to display the Shaik’s timepieces. The first installations are located at NOVA award winning Bahrain World Trade Center, Moda Mall and Four Season Hotel, Bahrain Bay.